Berkeley-based holistic therapist


Compassionate, creative, affordable therapy for people seeking to heal, grow, and get free. Be empowered to live your most authentic and connected life.



Individual and family therapy for children, teens, and adults, especially those who identify as empaths, creative, queer and/or trauma survivors. My approach is holistic and integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches. Common issues include anxiety, depression, loss, and relationship difficulties.

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I am a social justice-oriented therapist, artist, and mindfulness practitioner. My devotion to the healing arts arose from personal transformation through therapy. Healing is good, hard work, and I admire anyone ready and willing to do it. I offer warmth, presence, insight and intuition on the journey.

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The feathery hound featured below is Oliver, therapy dog extraordinaire. He is a small and mighty healer who may accompany us in the healing space. Animal-assisted psychotherapy boosts oxytocin and helps with self-esteem, relationship skills, stress management, depression, and loneliness ♥

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Because our surroundings affect our mood, care has been taken to create a safe and sacred space. Online sessions are available for those who live and love in California.


“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

— David Richo



Office located in a wheelchair-accessible studio space in Southwest Berkeley. Free street parking and covered bike parking is available.